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The following recommendations will hopefully give a flavour of what D-dats offers. Some names have been withheld to preserve the anonymity of individual children, but full references are available on request.

Our son was diagnosed with dyslexia, by Phil, about four months ago. We always knew there was something not quite right throughout primary school. And even though I was a primary school teacher myself, I felt unable to do anything to help.

The feeling of being out of control of my son’s learning coupled with his own frustration and low self-esteem didn’t help family life at all.

The diagnosis has brought peace to our family and has helped our son to realise he isn’t ‘stupid’.

We want to thank Mrs Wroe for her dedication, hard work and most of all her passion to see children of all abilities reach their full potential.

Nik, Mum, Derby

Phil worked with my son for approximately 3 years. During that time not only did his literacy skills improve but he also grew in confidence in school and gained in self esteem in other areas of his life. During Year 6 Phil felt my son was confident enough to no longer need tuition and he did keep up with the work. Nearer the SATS, my son requested he had a couple of revision sessions with Phil, seeing her now as a safety blanket due to the bond of trust they had built up. We haven’t received the results yet, they don’t matter, the progress my son has made is enormous and Phil was a major part of this. From one mother to another, thank you.

Parents of an 11 year old boy, Derby

I turned to Phil for help with my 7 year old son as I felt he was lacking motivation at school and didn’t seem to be progressing. Within a couple of weeks Phil advised me that she recognised symptoms displayed by my son consistent with Visual Stress. She recommended that I sought further advice. I therefore took him for specialist eye tests and it transpired that Phil had correctly identified the condition. As a result the diagnosis was shared with the school to improve his learning environment. I continued to use Phil’s service until my son naturally outgrew the sessions. Throughout the time I engaged with Phil I found her to be thoughtful, caring, genuinely interested in the well being and progress of my son, supportive and utterly professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending her service.Jayne, Derby

D-dats has completely transformed our family life. The care, support and information we have had from Phil since she diagnosed our son with dyslexia has been second to none. She has guided us through a difficult time and through the work she is doing with our son we can see light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Phil, you really have changed our lives. Jo, Derby

Hello Phil,
Just to let you know that Lydia and myself were talking about you the other day. We were passing near to your house and Lydia said “This is where I used to come to help me learn easier”! I thought what Lydia said totally summed up how much you helped her. When she  is off in the summer holidays we would love to come and see you.
With thanks Phil.

Lydia and her mum, Derby