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Below are details of some of the resources D-dats use or recommend to schools and parents. If there is a particular resource that you are looking for, or you want to recommend a resource that you have found helpful please email us and we will try to help. This is a growing list so do keep checking back!


Phonics / Phonological Awareness – chart explaining age related Phonological Awareness expectations  – a wide range of free resources and activities to develop Phonological Awareness



Working Memory…/WM-classroom-guide.pdf – British Dyslexia Association Webinar about Working Memory, with Tracey Alloway


Handwriting and Motor Control



Maths and Dyscalculia



Relaxation and Mindfulness

These aren’t strictly resources that are going to help with Dyslexia, however I am a firm believer in the need for children to develop relaxation skills to help support their emotional well-being. I think this is an especially important skill for children to develop if they have difficulties in school which can impact on their confidence and self-esteem.